Enjoy a Worry-Free North Texas Winter with a Propane Tank Monitor

You probably don’t mind checking your propane tank gauge every now and again, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could do it right from your phone? We have great news—now you can! Decatur Bowie Propane offers convenient Wi-Fi propane tank monitoring so you can keep an eye on your propane tank levels as easily as you can scroll through Facebook while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

WESROC® Wi-Fi Propane Tank Monitoring

Checking your LP gas fuel gauge is a thing of the past! This convenient propane tank monitor can be installed on your tank in minutes and easily connects to your phone and our database through cellular technology. Here’s how our innovative and American-made propane tank monitoring system works:

The monitor tracks your propane usage and lets us know when your tank starts to get low. We’ll automatically make a delivery when you start to run low, and voilà! You have enough propane fuel in your tank to keep you warm and safe until it’s time for your next propane delivery.

  • Get ultimate propane delivery convenience
  • No need to constantly check propane fuel levels
  • If you want, monitor tank from your smartphone

It’s that simple! Contact Decatur Bowie Propane to set up your WESROC device rental, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also feel free to download the Decatur Bowie Propane app for your iPhone or Android so you can keep an eye on your propane tank levels if you’re interested. But you don’t have to worry about placing an order in time if you’re signed up for our automatic propane delivery—the LPG tank monitoring program is designed to provide you with LPG deliveries before you even know your propane tank is running low on fuel.

Or Sign up for Automatic Propane Delivery and We’ll Monitor Your LPG Tank

North Texas homeowners and business owners deserve the very best in warmth and safety. If you’d prefer not to have to monitor your propane gas tank, let us do it for you. We offer automatic residential and commercial propane delivery to bring you the utmost convenience. Contact us for details or to enroll in our automatic propane delivery program today.