Should Your Texas Home Have a Propane Tank Monitor?

There are a variety of ways to manage your propane gas deliveries in Texas, including checking your propane tank gauge and signing up for automatic delivery. But did you know there’s a third, even more convenient way to monitor your propane tank levels? The solution is a propane tank monitor—and if you’re considering one and wondering if it’s necessary, the answer is a resounding YES! We’re here to explain why.

Having a residential or commercial propane tank monitor takes the stress out of fueling. You will stay in the loop about your propane tank levels (without having to trek out to the propane tank to check) and we’ll always know when your tank starts to run low. This technology is even more accurate than degree day technology, which is what most automatic delivery companies use to keep track of propane usage. The more precise nature of a personal propane tank monitor speaks for itself.

Propane Tank Monitoring

Benefits of Propane Tank Monitoring

  • Get 10¢ off the posted daily propane price
  • Get automatic propane tank refills
  • Easy-to-use app shows propane tank levels on your phone
  • Additional 5-15¢ per-gallon discount based on volume refills

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How a Propane Tank Monitor Works

We can install a propane tank monitor onto your fuel storage tank which tracks your propane usage and sends us a notification when your tank starts to get low. Your tank levels can even be checked you’re your phone or smart device so you always stay in the loop. We’ll make an automatic propane delivery when your tank level drops to about 20%, no questions asked! It really is that simple.

How to Get a Propane Tank Monitor

All you have to do is contact the Decatur Bowie team, and we’ll take care of the rest. While there is a small fee for propane tank monitor usage, you’ll quickly make your money back through per-gallon savings on fuel and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your propane tank fuel levels at all times. Plus, knowing that you’ll have heat and power when you need it is invaluable—contact us to request your propane tank monitor today and start reaping the benefits.