Top Reasons to Build with Propane in North Texas 


Home builders, construction companies, and development companies in North Texas have several options to choose from when it comes to energy solutions. But which is the best choice for your bottom line? Propane is the top choice for home builders in North Texas because it is a versatile fuel that is safe, efficient, affordable, and highly desirable for buyers. Decatur Bowie Propane has years of experience partnering with builders and developers to offer propane energy solutions for residential building projects. Read on to learn more about how choosing propane is the best choice for your company.

Build With Propane

How Using Propane Benefits Your Company

  • Rebates & Incentives

    Did you know that the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) offers monetary incentives for qualifying builders and developers that build new homes or remodel existing homes with propane? This means that on top of taking advantage of the many money-saving and time-saving benefits that propane fuel already offers, your company could benefit from additional savings. In order to qualify for these propane building rebates and incentives, homes must follow the Propane Energy Pod model and use propane for space heating, water heating, cooking, and other heating power applications. You could earn up to $7,500 from PERC for building with propane.

  • Affordable Energy That Increases Marketability

    Propane is one of the most affordable energy options. In fact, it is significantly less expensive than electricity, you can read more about that here. Home builders that retrofit an existing home with propane appliances or build new homes with propane appliances are providing homeowners with the opportunity to benefit from an efficient, safe, and cost-effective energy source. Choosing to build with propane is a proactive way to make your properties more marketable because of the eventual savings for the home buyer.

  • Propane Community Systems

    If you are working on a development project in North Texas, consider utilizing a propane community system. Propane community systems allow the convenience of building propane-powered homes without the added effort and expense of installing multiple individual tanks. Decatur Bowie Propane can work with you to design a custom community propane system that provides all the convenience of a natural gas utility with the major benefits of propane fuel. This will save your team significant time.

How Using Propane Benefits the Homeowner 

Propane continues to be one of the most sought-after energy options for homeowners and prospective buyers in North Texas and across the country. Propane appeals to homeowners and home buyers because of its reputation for efficiency, affordability, and versatility. Users love the convenience of being able to use propane to power all sorts of appliances, like kitchen stoves, generators, heating systems, and fireplaces. Plus, using propane fuel allows homeowners to choose which local propane company they’d like to order fuel from, instead of dealing with natural gas or electricity from a big, anonymous utility company.  

Commercial Propane Solutions for Builders and Developers in North Texas 

Looking for a propane gas company to partner with on your next residential building or development project? Decatur Bowie Propane has years of experience working with local builders and developers to provide affordable and efficient propane delivery and propane system installations. Contact us today to inquire about using our propane services for your next project.