4 Reasons to Choose a Tankless Propane Water Heater


Selecting the right hot water heater for your home is no simple task. Between brands, makes, models, and fuel type, it’s enough to make your head spin! The good news is, there is one result when you narrow things down: a tankless propane hot water heater.

You rely on your hot water heater all year long to keep daily life in your home running smoothly. A propane gas tankless hot water heater has what it takes to meet the demands of your dishwasher, washing machine, showers, faucets, and more. Whether you need to replace your current hot water heater or are researching options or a new home building project, there are several major advantages to tankless gas hot water heaters:

Tankless Propane Water Heaters

Why You Should Choose Tankless Gas Hot Water Heaters:

1. Save Space

A tankless hot water heater is just that: tankless. Also known as on-demand hot water heaters, this equipment requires no storage tank. Instead of taking time to heat up stored cold water from a tank, cold water travels directly through a pipe to the heating element to provide instant hot water, whenever you need it.

2. Lower Energy Use

New high-efficiency tankless propane hot water heaters use significantly less energy to produce readily available hot water. ENERGY STAR® states that this water heating option can be anywhere from 8% to 34% more efficient than a conventional storage water heater. Plus, tankless hot water heaters are more environmentally friendly!

3. Greater Savings

Lower energy use translates into serious savings for homeowners. Using a tankless propane hot water heater in your North Texas home can help reduce your year-round energy costs. That way, you can allocate those savings to other parts of your budget.

4. Abundant Hot Water

Never worry about running out of hot water again! Enjoy instant gratification to meet the daily hot water needs of your household, including laundry, showers, dishwashing, cooking, and more.


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