5 Smart Ways to Save on Northern Texas Home Energy This Fall

Looking around for autumn-themed energy savings? Decatur Bowie has everything you need! As we transition into the cold season, keep these savings methods in mind. Reducing your energy usage will help you save money on propane fuel deliveries, extend the life of your propane heating system, and give you total peace of mind. Combine the suggestions below for even more energy savings and ultimate North Texas home comfort!

Save Home Energy this Fall

Step #1: Consider Propane Backup Heat

Heat pumps can be a cost-effective heating and cooling solution for newly constructed North Texas homes. However, heat pumps lose their efficiency (costing more to operate) when the temperature outside falls below 40°F. In colder weather, they require the use of an emergency heat setting to keep up. This setting is an additional heating element that works similarly to an electric stove, but is extremely inefficient and expensive to run. For this reason, more builders and customers are buying heat pumps with built-in propane-powered emergency heat. Propane provides instant hot air for up to $300 less per year than electric emergency heat. To learn more about your options and how much you can save, contact us for a free consultation.

Step #2: Soak up the Sun’s Warmth

Autumn weather in Texas is unpredictable, but it tends to get cold faster than most residents expect. Be smart about the weather and open curtains and blinds when the sun is shining; but don’t forget to close treatments at night: this time of year is known for having chilly overnights that can suck the warmth out of your house.

Step #3: Fill Your Propane Tank Early

Some customers leave their propane tanks empty until the snow starts to fall, but this can do more harm than good! Propane tanks run the risk of collecting internal condensation when they’re empty, which causes rusting and corrosion that’s invisible from the outside. Fill your propane fuel tank in the fall to prolong its lifespan and save on a replacement. It will also give you peace of mind that you can turn on your heat whenever you need it.

Step #4: Switch to a High-Efficiency Propane Heating System

Upgrading your propane furnace or boiler to a high-efficiency model will significantly reduce your TX home comfort bills. Besides, new heating systems are less likely to need repairs and emergency service. Just remember that all propane HVAC equipment, old and new, needs annual heating maintenance to keep it running efficiently!

Step #5: Insulate Your North Texas Home

Sometimes people focus so much on heating their homes that they forget to check if air is leaking out through their attics or garages! Be sure to insulate your home so you aren’t paying to heat up all the air in your Northern Texas neighborhood.

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