Major Benefits of Heating Your TX Home with Propane

Wondering what sets propane apart from other fuel options for homeowners in the North Texas region? The answer is—plenty of things! Propane is the top choice for residents living in the Lone Star State because of its reputation for affordable rates, multi-functional uses, premium comfort, and so much more.

5 Reasons Texas Homeowners Heat with Propane

1. Versatile Uses

Propane is truly a do-it-all fuel. You can use it to power your furnace. On top of whole-home heating, you can use propane for other household appliances like gas stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, generators, and fireplace log sets. Plus, propane can also power outdoor living equipment like pool heaters, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.

2. Safe Operation

Propane is strictly regulated by the Railroad Commission of Texas (Texas RRC) to ensure the safety of your property and your family. Propane is naturally colorless and odorless, and is treated with a scented additive so that you can smell it in the event of a leak. Please visit our Propane Safety page for preventative tips and safety measures.

3. Environmental Impact

Propane is an approved clean fuel listed in the Clean Air Act. Using propane in your home helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas and air pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

4. Made in the U.S.A.

Domestic propane production helps support American jobs. As of 2012, more than 145,000 workers across the country were employed in the propane trade, wholesale, and sales. Propane is abundantly available and continues to support growing customer demand. Moreover, 80% of the propane from our country is created right here in Texas!

5. Savings Opportunities

We understand that saving money is always at the top of any homeowner’s list. Good news: heating your home with propane can help you do just that! Advancements in high-efficiency heating technology help make heating costs even more manageable, as do our low propane prices. Electric rates in Wise County hover around 10¢ per hour. When compared side-by-side, that would be the same as paying $2.71 per gallon for propane. Our current propane pricing starts at $2.20 and goes all the way down to $1.95, meaning you can save more than 50¢ per hour by using propane instead of electricity.

Lastly, using propane in your home allows you to choose from a range of local propane delivery and service providers. You can receive friendly service, professional care, and competitive prices from a hometown propane company like Decatur Bowie Propane. Contact us to learn more about propane or to place your next order!